The Ultimate Solution for
Email Risk Analysis

The Email API by SEON provides the most accurate and insightful e-mail address investigation that exists on the market by applying deep social media profiling and domain verification tools.

Demo Features

Real Time Analysis

The API provides a risk score in real time, in less than 1 second, enabling you to make immediate and efficient business intelligence related decision.

Open Data

In order to ensure the compliance of privacy laws, all of the collected data is open source and public.

Social Data

The SEON Email API is a one-of-a-kind solution, providing a complete view of the social data that can be related to a single e-mail address.

Social Media Lookup

The API validates whether the e-mail address was used to register to major social media platforms.

Detailed Investigation

We aggregate data from various open sources to provide a full 360degree view of a certain e-mail address.

Quick Analysis

The Email API provides relevant information about the domain of an email address.

Real-Time Data

All of the information is fetched live. Nothing is pulled from stale, potentially outdated databases.


All of the fetched information is anonymised ensuring that the data providers cannot track the information of our clients. All connections are secured via SSL. No logs and no sensitive data is stored.


The risk score helps block fraudulent users real-time by applying adjustable thresholds. The provided scoring is always accurate and there are no unknown parameters.