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Email API by SEON provides the most accurate and insightful email address investigation tool by combining hundreds of data sources to protect your business against fraud.

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  • Real Time Analysis

    We automatically collect and deliver all relevant information for email verification through a clear-cut web interface or API in less than a second. Our risk score accurately identifies suspicious mailboxes.

  • Open Data

    To get a full picture of any email address immediately, we compile data such as creation date (email age), domain creation and update date, real name and filter disposable, high-risk and free mailbox providers.

  • Social Data

    We ensure your business safety with the help of advanced online user profiling. We pull and combine data from several social sources such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter. The results are always 100% accurate.

Email API
  • Social Media Lookup

    Only based on the email address we can fetch profile info and check if it is registered to Facebook, Google+, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter and Yahoo.

  • Detailed Investigation

    We aggregate data from many open sources to get a full picture of any email handle at a glance and provide an accurate fraud score.

  • Quick Analysis

    We verify and provide information like email creation date, real name, whois creation and update date, mailbox exist. No black-box algorithms.

  • Real-Time Data

    All information are 100% live. We don't pull anything from stale, potentially outdated databases, but only use real-time data.

  • Privacy

    All requested data is anonymised so data providers can not track information of our clients. All connection are secured by SSL. No logs and no sensitive data are stored.

  • Accuracy

    Our risk score helps you block fraudulent users real-time with adjustable thresholds. The data we provide are always accurate and there are no unknown parameters.

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We offer you a 1 month free trial license to our platform. After it expires we charge a standard fee of 0.01 USD for every transaction that we monitor.

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