About Us

We are a group of enthusiasts devoted to creating a quality risk management solution. Our history in dealing with cyber security started out after struggling with high fraud rates in the online retail industry. We quickly realised that there are capable solutions on the market, but nevertheless we were always faced with mutually exclusive features and trade-offs. We were not able to find a fraud prevention tool that was flexible, easy to use and analysed all of our relevant risk vectors at the same time. The idea to tackle this obstacle started to form in early 2015. By mid 2015, we started the development of our own tool, that would be able to meet all of our requirements. We put great effort into developing a system that combines ease of use and flexibility with the complexity of analysing fraud patterns. We firmly believe that a well working fraud prevention solution has to be under constant development in order for it to perform exceptionally. There has to be a constant expansion of features in order to maintain the pace of the ever evolving fraud patterns. Fraudsters have to be monitored in ways that they would least expect to be audited. Fraud is an extremely fast paced environment and at SEON we do our best to keep up with the most recent trends. Nowadays, cyber security has become our obsession.

On the one hand, our team consists of talented consultants who are passionate about Cyber Security and possess a range of skill sets to deliver simple solutions to complex problems. On the other hand, we strive to build up a model of business that was unheard of in the market up until now. The cohesion of the group is what drives SEON to become a leading service provider in the industry.

SEON Budapest R&D Office

1136 Budapest, Pannónia utca 32., Hungary